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Recruitment Tips: You Are the One Who Cares

When you’re going to a job interview, you’re the one who care. Or rather the one who should care. Show it.

• Be on time. On the other side you’d probably meet more than one person. If you let them waiting you show you don’t really care about their time.

• Don’t treat interviewer like she was just a woman from HR team who doesn’t know anything about technical details of the job. Don’t show disrespect, no matter how confident you feel. You don’t know people who you’re talking to. They’ve seen your resume, you haven’t seen theirs. If someone in the room is mistaken with an opinion about the rest of people it’s most likely you.

• Don’t say that the only reason why you’re here is the job offer you’ve seen. If that’s the only thing that brought you to the interview you shouldn’t be here. If your attitude says “I don’t care about your company”, how you as a potential employee can be rated? Guess.

• Wear classic clothes. While I’m, as an interviewer, I often wear causal clothes (what means shorts sometimes), but I always wear a suit when I’m an interviewee. I was wearing one even when I went to interview with my friend and it was more him trying to hire me, than me applying for the job. It’s another way of showing that you care. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind if someone wears casual clothes, as far as he shows his commitment in other way, but still it’s a signal you send to the interviewer.

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