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Pawel Brodzinski on Software Project Management

Recruitment Tips: Exploit Your Lack of Experience

Sometimes I meet an opinion that lack of experience is a big problem when trying to find the first job. While I can agree that it doesn’t help much, it shouldn’t be considered as a major drawback. Sure, there’re companies which won’t hire anyone without 5 years of experience on similar positions (possibly just after a high school), but that is their problem, not the candidate’s. If you lack experience it usually means that you don’t have some long aged habits, you’re not corrupted with jobs from the past and you can easily suit to almost every organization. You’re probably cheaper too so companies, which care about costs (not necessarily cheapskate ones) and willing to teach their newbies will more likely hire you.

Personally I prefer to find not very experienced candidates and invest in teaching them. I strongly believe it pays off. For both sides. It’s a win-win scenario, albeit organization should be prepared to go that way. Mine is.

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