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Pawel Brodzinski on Software Project Management

Recruitment Tips: Review Your Knowledge

When you, in your papers, say that you know some technology, especially when you state you know it very good or it was mentioned in job advert, you can be sure you’ll be asked about that. Even when you’re invited for an interview by a director, who probably hasn’t written any line of code during past 5 years, you can be almost sure, that he’ll bring some kind of technology expert, who will give you a hard time. If you consider yourself as the SQL expert and you don’t know how JOIN works or how to group data, well, don’t expect me to agree with your opinion. If you don’t use SQL for several years, don’t expect you’re still the expert. Call your skill “passive” or lower your self-evaluation.

Another thing you can do is a little review – there’re a lot of materials on the web which can help you in making your skill a little less “passive”. Maybe you won’t learn all the novelties, but in vast majority of cases you won’t be asked about them either.

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