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Recruitment Tips: Ask

On the vast majority of interviews you’ll hear (usually on the very end) a question if you want to ask about something. And even if you won’t hear that it doesn’t really matter.

Do one thing then. Ask.

Ask about anything you think is at least a bit important. What about integration events? How big is a room where I’ll work? How many people are there now? What kind of computer I’ll get? Do you mind if I start my work at 11 am? How often I’ll need to go to business trips? What about trainings? How often do you work overtime? What are perspectives to be promoted? How the team will look like in a year perspective? I could ask to the infinity. I was even asked recently to show a code example to a candidate.

Of course for everyone the list will be different, but hey, it’s you who control that. There are companies which won’t answer many of questions because the information is confidential, but it should fire the red light in your head – they might be trying to hide something. The more transparent the company is the better you can judge if you want to work there. And you won’t learn anything new about company if you don’t ask.

Ask then. Don’t be like most of candidates, who ask about two questions on average.

By the way: how do you like the whole recruitment tips series?

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