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Recruitment Tips: Don’t Be Overconfident

I had a really bad day today. Three of my today’s interviews were waste of time. And I mean complete waste of time. I’ve learnt not to be very attached to what people are writing in their papers. They lie, no matter how hard you try to discourage them to do it. That was to be expected today.

Thing which wasn’t expected was candidates’ level of confidence or rather overconfidence I should say. When someone rates himself for 4 out of 6 in particular technology and doesn’t answer for any question it makes me suspicious because I don’t like to be lied. However, when I hear that someone rates himself 7 out of 6 I expect he should be able to recite whole darn help. And when he doesn’t answer correctly for any question, and I mean any single question, it doesn’t make me suspicious. It makes me angry. He wastes my darn precious time.

In most cases being overconfident ends up with etiquette of liar glued to your back. I guess you don’t need this kind of stuff when you look for a job. It’s much better tactic to rate yourself fairly low – you’ll start with easy questions, but as far as you’ll be able to answer them you can be sure that you’ll have a chance to answer another one.

Believe me, I hired quite a lot of people who rated themselves lower than I’d rate them. On the other hand I can’t find anyone who was overconfident and ended up with the job.

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