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Pawel Brodzinski on Software Project Management

How to Build a Team

I believe that:

1. You should keep rotation at the lowest possible level.

2. You should have harsh recruitment process.

3. You should have internship program.

4. You should have balls to fire rotten apples.

5. You should supply the team from the bottom, not from the top (talking about organizational structure).

6. You should have a replacement in mind for every important person in the team or at least try hard to achieve that.

7. You should be honest.

8. You should tell about every important strategic decision just after it was committed.

9. You should publicly attribute successes to the team.

10. You should avoid washing your dirty linen in public.

11. You should say “thank you” more often.

12. You should give people chance to change your opinion about them (for better or worse) at least once.

13. You should have a time for serious talks with people every time when they need it.

14. You should value gentlemen agreements over formal agreements.

15. You should keep your word.

16. You should support people every time they want to improve their knowledge.

17. You should accept mistakes as an occasion to learn.

18. You should value freedom and accountability over control.

19. You should be fair.

20. You should be the heart (no, not necessarily the brain) of the team.

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  • Stephen July 7, 2007, 3:16 am

    Hi Pawel

    I just thought I would say that list of pointers on how to build a team are on the nail, and only experience can give you that.

    One thing I would add from a recruitment point of view check references, as I have learn’t could have saved many a heart ache


  • Pawel Brodzinski July 7, 2007, 3:38 am

    You’re right. The list isn’t likely to be found in any book about management – these are just my lessons learned from leading different teams. The list isn’t complete and it isn’t like a recipe either.

    When talking about references, you’re right too – I should have checked them at least a couple of times more. I could have saved some heartache.

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