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Avoiding Hiring Mistakes: Avoid Time Pressure

The worst scenario of recruitment is when you have to make a decision very quick. Yes, sometimes it’s not possible to wait, but remember time is a bad advisor here. Usually investing time into going through another few interviews brings better results.

People generally suck in writing their resumes, so chances are good you overlook a gem in a sea of applications (if you’re fortunately enough to have the sea of applications). And when you talk about position when there’s limited number of candidates why not to talk with them all?

Another thing, you’ll probably get a couple of good papers not just after you’ve published your job ad but later. These are usually people who doesn’t have to find any job very quickly but those who just try to move themselves further as professionals. Usually not only they have good papers but they’re good employees after all.

Having said all of that, sometimes you will meet a sure shot. Someone who you know you want to employ a second after the interview. Then just go for it. Don’t be a slave to schedule either way.

Whole avoiding hiring mistakes series.

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