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Pawel Brodzinski on Software Project Management

Avoiding Hiring Mistakes: Flow With Interview

You go there, to yet another interview with a potential developer. It’s eight one this week and it appears you’ll have to go through another dozen until you find someone who suits your team. Obviously you start with the list of standard question, but you should listen carefully to answers you get. Chances are good the interviewee will give you at least a couple of hacks you can exploit to push the discussion to different areas. Possibly these would be areas where you can find real value of the candidate or check several soft skills you’d like to know about.

It can be really anything. Often one of those hack-points I use is a question about the most interesting project candidate participated in. Sometimes in ends on discussing how the map in computer game should be prepared, sometimes we talk about challenges you face as an administrator of sport vortal and sometimes you discuss project management tricks which can be used when you face tough client on the other side.

There’s one more profit here. Besides of gathering the knowledge about the candidate you can learn something new.

Whole avoiding hiring mistakes series.

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