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Avoiding Hiring Mistakes: Internships Stupid!

When you look for inexperienced candidates it’s much harder to correctly judge their potential. Usually you won’t find a number of clues in resume, because if there were many of them it wouldn’t be an inexperienced candidate. Probably it will be hard to talk for very long about merits because, you know, you talk with the person without much experience. It’s quite possible you’ll have some doubts and it was told doubts mean no hire.

Anyway there’s other way. Internship is different relationship than typical job. When intern leaves after a month it has much smaller impact on the team when regular employee leaves after three months of probation. Internship is also cheaper. Management has no stress when interns do something not very important, while it’s much harder to convince bosses when you talk about regular employees.

Personally, I prefer to offer one-month internships. Our cost is mostly time of intern’s guide and most of the time there’s quite a good return on that investment. On the other hand a month is enough to see person’s attitude and learning curve which are two most important factors when you think about inexperienced candidates. With internships you can catch nuggets, which would be very hard to find other way.

Whole avoiding hiring mistakes series.

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