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Avoiding Hiring Mistakes: Prepare to the Interview

It is told so many times that interviewees should prepare themselves before coming to the meeting. That’s obvious. However interviewers way too often don’t consider the situation as they have their homework too.

When you’re about to hire someone and you go to the recruitment meeting without much preparation you lower your chances for good judgment. You won’t ask right questions. You won’t have ideas how to exploit candidate’s background. You won’t know which areas you should focus on. You won’t know so many things you’ll probably waste both your and candidate’s time.

Preparation should cover at least two areas. The list of questions and candidate’s resume. Candidate’s resume is quite obvious – you need to know who you talk to. The list of questions should be wide and possibly crafted a bit for candidate’s profile – you can never be sure where the discussion would go. Anyway you should be prepared to talk wherever it goes. Yes, that does mean you won’t ask a half or even more of your questions, but still it’s worth the effort. The nice thing is, that the more you talk with candidates the less you need to spend to prepare to another interview.

Whole avoiding hiring mistakes series.

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