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Pawel Brodzinski on Software Project Management

You Are a Lightning Rod for Your Team

When your boss or managers from other team want to give your people negative feedback, which is a nice way of describing good wigging, they shouldn’t go directly to your people. They should talk with you, right?

When a client is unhappy with performance of a couple of people in a project team they should talk directly with you. Shouldn’t they?

When there’s internal issue between people in a team you should be informed to prevent escalation and help to solve issue rightly. Don’t you think?

When you’re a manager or a leader of a team all attacks, even those which are aimed at your team-members, should hit you first. Then you decide whether it is justified and pass the message to an original addressee or you just dismantle that bomb isolating team from unfair accusations. You work as a lightning rod on steroids. Sometimes you put lightning into the ground and sometimes, whenever needed, you let some energy hit the house.

From my experience usually you protect your team as most of the time you know more about your team and you can just judge better. Sure, that does mean you’ll take some hits on your chest, but hey, that’s something they pay you for. And lightning rod doesn’t moan when another lightning hit.

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