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Pawel Brodzinski on Software Project Management

We Know Better

How many times you were in a situation when salespeople told you how to develop software? Or how much time you need to complete an application. Or how easy it is to implement an integration interface.

OK, I have another question. How many times you told salesmen how to sell your software? Or how much they should charge for your professional services. Or how they should talk with the customer.

One of wisest things one of my ex-CEOs said was “developers always know better how to sell and salespeople always know better how to develop.” Since then I try to catch myself each time when I tell our friends from sales team how they should do their work. Although I’m not completely successful at that I think my awareness has grown much. As the side effect I’m also more aware when others tell me how we should produce our software.

Anyways, my observations aren’t very optimistic. I can say we generally think we know better how others should work. And we rarely stop to think why the heck we’re spending all our days writing some code in Java instead of selling software if we’re so darn good at that. Or the other way around.

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