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Pawel Brodzinski on Software Project Management

Quality or Price?

Our beloved marketing team in Wind Mobile found very interesting news lately. MarketingSherpa published a poll which shows why customers decide to leave vendors and which reasons are pointed by vendors in the same situation.

Two main conclusions:

Customers leave because they’re not happy with service they got.

Vendors know nothing about real reasons for losing their customers.

The poll shows what I always believed was important: the quality. It doesn’t bring an easy profit to salespeople since you need additional costs to achieve high quality. It isn’t a piece of cake for tech people either since you need to put additional effort to whatever you do and generally care more. Yet somehow, people on the other side are able to appreciate that.

You can say maintenance team doesn’t decide which vendor will be chosen. You can say the next project will be delivered to a different project team. You can say the price is the only factor.


Maintenance team doesn’t decide, but is asked for an opinion. Project teams communicate between each other and they actually know what the current vendor rating is across the company. Price is never the only or the most important factor in IT. Customers always weigh functionality, level of fantasizing, track record and actual content of the offer. At the end of the day it’s easier to negotiate the price than a track record. You know, the latter won’t change just because someone says so.

The price is rarely the only matter of making important decisions, although I know situations when it plays the main role. But even then differences must be significant to counterbalance other factors.

Even when your salespeople tell you a different story.

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