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Pawel Brodzinski on Software Project Management

No-Laptop Policy

That’s a bit of follow-up to recent post about meeting culture. Two of main distracters are mobile phones and laptops. Since our mobiles are sometimes used for emergency purposes we don’t do anything with that. However some meetings will have no-laptop policy. No one enters the room with his laptop. The only exception is a presenter and a machine which will host the presentation.

This should especially work during training session when you need to focus on what’s happening on the floor or you won’t learn much. Yes, I know you can pay attention to different things at the same time. Or at least you say so. And I don’t really believe you in that matter. Sorry.

If you care more about your emails, go answer them. Outside.

If the training is boring, go exercise more interesting task. At your desk.

If you aren’t interested at all, do everyone a favor. Don’t come.

Of course sense of using no-laptop policy depends of characteristics of the meeting and no one will apply it to every meeting, but these devices are definitely brought much more often that it’s reasonable.

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