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Honest Discussions

Last days I went through several tough situations, when we had to agree on some decisions in a group of people. A discussion was hot, yet we were able to come into consensus which was acceptable for all of us. If I had to point single reason why we found a compromise among our different point of views I’d say it was honest atmosphere of discussion.

When you work with frank and straightforward people you don’t have to play your politics. You can simply say you don’t agree on this and you insist on that. You can openly point what drives you to your opinions. You can expect to hear honest argumentation what other parties think about your point of view and why it is wrong.

You’ll say you can reach the same consensus, or even a better one for you, using some negotiation tricks. Yes. But this way after whole discussion not all people would stand up keeping no grudge against others. People remember when someone’s playing tricks on them and next time a discussion won’t go smoothly.

Personally I prefer to say whatever I have at heart, even when I know the other people won’t like it much. I give them a chance to convince me at least. And it isn’t a mission impossible. That’s why I can always come back and start another discussion no matter how hard the last one was.

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