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Pawel Brodzinski on Software Project Management

Who Drives Your Product?

I found that among my notes:

Let our customers tell us what to do. Lucky for us since customers don’t have big ideas.

It made me thinking about one on products I worked on recently. It was rather big application with a few implementations completed so far. While I can’t say it suits perfectly to the picture I must admit the most of real work done on the application was steered by customers.

I won’t say that was bad since custom software is very often defined be clients. However talking about new big things which we developed there for a couple of years, well, there were non-existent. Product development was usually limited to a bunch of new features used by negligible amount of users. Most of the time customers are afraid to introduce something completely new and that’s quite reasonable since people like what they know.

It means however that if you want to see your product making difference you have to actively manage its development. Leaving it to your clients won’t work.

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