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Pawel Brodzinski on Software Project Management

How Fast Can You Ruin Improvements?

We all talk a lot about improvements in different areas of our professional lives. We implement new cool techniques to make our project management better. We use proven techniques to achieve better products from our software development process. We think how to we can get better quality of our applications. We usually put a lot of effort into improvement process.

Have you ever thought how much would you need to rollback all these improvements? I don’t even think about a situation when someone consciously blows everything up but rather about the situation when people stop to care. They don’t care whether project management is any better or worse. They don’t care how software development is going. And quality? Guess what. They don’t care.

How much it takes to move back? What do you think?

I say the rollback takes about a month for each year of building things up. It just way easier to go down than it was to go up. Building is hard. Heck, maintaining high quality is hard. Living by low standards is easy. And it’s infectious – it spreads out in a moment. I’ve seen that. I once told it’ll go that fast but I didn’t really believe it could be so fast but it was.

And then it’s time to start building from the beginning. Of course if you’re able to find someone who’d volunteer as a builder. The only people who are left sad are these who raised the first building. Those who ruined it don’t care.

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