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Exceptional Customer Service

Some time ago I saw seen this cliché in one of restaurants: “If it isn’t exceptional it isn’t good enough.” Besides I liked the phrase I didn’t believed guys from restaurant followed it. Actually I didn’t believe any company is able to function that way when it came to customer service.

Except it happens and I can’t deny it.

The other day I wanted to get car insurance. The problem was I wasn’t able to reach any insurance broker in my hometown during their working hours. Actually I couldn’t reach them during any reasonable hours since I was on the long way home and with no teleportation module in my vehicle I couldn’t make it before 10pm. On the other hand I didn’t want to leave the car with no insurance, just to sleep well.

I found only one broker who was willing to wait until evening for me. When I was finally there I was ready to sign pretty anything just to get the thing out of my head and get home. Actually the initial offer was pretty crappy but still I was ready to sign damn papers. The broker however wasn’t happy and she sought further until she was able to cut 30% off the price. It took her an hour of work. A late-evening hour. When we finally shook our hands it was 5 minutes past midnight.

It was just an extra mile she went for me. Or rather it was as much as an extra mile she went for me. What more, as far as I know this market, she’d make more money (bigger provision) if she sold me more expensive insurance. And she wouldn’t waste an extra hour.

On the other hand now I don’t consider anyone else to sell me car insurance in the future. She completely won me.

If you’re ready to deliver exceptional customer service you’ll win many long-term relationships like that. Don’t say about it – do it. Don’t consider your service as exceptional when you’re in common situation (then your service is common). You can really show you rock when something unexpected happens. Something like weird customer such as myself.

By the way if look for car insurance broker in Krakow I know a great person. Feel free to contact me for details.

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