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Pawel Brodzinski on Software Project Management

Integration Events: One More Argument In People versus PM Techniques Discussion

This weekend I was on integration even organized by my company. It was great. Period. I’ve seen a number of these events and almost all of them are done by the same schema. This one wasn’t different when it comes to a source schema but somehow it worked great.

Organization of the event definitely wasn’t the best I’ve seen. Budget, as far as I can guess, also wasn’t the biggest. So called attractions weren’t extraordinarily sophisticated. The place was nice but I’ve seen nicer. Why the event was so special then?

People. It’s all about people. Where there is chemistry between people you don’t have to excel in your organization and your processes don’t have to be top-notch. People will cover all small glitches and will give something more from themselves – a great atmosphere. This can’t really be organized.

On the other hand you can have a perfectly organized event in a great place with great attractions which cost you a fortune and everything can be barely, well, just a perfectly organized event which no one will remember about in a month. It leaves nothing but a faint sense of appreciation for organizer’s skills.

Now, how it maps to project management you ask. You can have a great product, perfectly organized project management process and still you can end up with lukewarm projects no one really cares about. Actually that’s what big players on consulting market do all the time. A missing ingredient is a passion. Your team can show passion working on a product in the same way as it can show passion when they entertain themselves during integration event.

This ingredient can’t be invited as a management decision. It’s all about people. They either are passionate about what they’re doing and you’re lucky or they aren’t and your project will be decent at best.

How about your people? Are they passionate?

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