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What Would Be Your PM Approach: Jurgen Appelo

Today we have Jurgen Appelo who briefly says what would be his PM approach in different situations. Jurgen runs a great blog – Noop.nl – which I advise you to subscribe if you haven’t done it already.

There are three situations. For each the question is the same – what would be your project management approach?

You work in a big company and are put in charge of big complex project which is about to be started. People in the company are familiar with Prince-2 but time or budget overruns aren’t anything new, although they’re kept at industry average level. A project team is gathered from different teams – they haven’t worked with each other on any project yet.

I might start with XP practices, because project management (Prince-2) is already in place, and could be changed (slowly) to be more agile later. But good technical practices would be higher on my list because of complexity of project.

You’re hired to clean up the mess in projects in company of 70 people. So far the company struggles to do any project on time or without major problems. Project management is pretty non-existent and software development along with quality assurance is drowned in chaos.

I would start with Scrum, because that is a relatively easy step to take to bring some structure to an organization.

You organize a startup of four people, including yourself. The idea you work on however puts pretty strict requirements when it comes to software performance, high availability and quality. The team isn’t going to grow for some time but in a perspective of year you hope to see a dozen people on board.

I would start with both XP and Scrum at the same time, because when you start from scratch it is easiest to do everything right from the start.

Pretty brief and concrete answers. I hoped to get this type at least once and here they are.

Keep an eye on whole what would be your PM approach series.

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