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Pawel Brodzinski on Software Project Management

Accumulation Day

It sometimes happens we have one of these days which we start early morning and go through only super-duper-top-priority tasks one after another to finish late evening. I call them accumulation days as many important processes or tasks accumulate in short period of time.

Sometimes we can see that coming sometimes it happens by accident. Either way it’s a great occasion to reach top productivity for short period of time. It’s like berserking – you just know you don’t have time to waste so you keep yourself working on highest rev. And at the end of the day somehow most, if not everything, is accomplished.

And yes, as a side effect you’re so tired you fall flat on your face just when your bed gets into your eyesight. But still from time to time it’s great. It’s like an afterburner.

I must say I like these days. At least as far as they don’t happen too often.

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