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Agile Eastern Europe


As some of you might already know I will be speaking at AgileEE conference which is held on 8-9 October 2010 in Kyiv, Ukraine. I will be talking about (surprise, surprise) Kanban, yet the presentation won’t be focused purely on this approach.

But if you don’t give a damn about my blathering on Kanban, which makes you a part of majority I guess, you will definitely be interested listening to a list of well-respected speakers:

  • Henrik Kniberg, who is one of leading Kanban voices (um… I know wrong example if you are already full of Kanban crap)
  • Mary Poppendieck, who is always an engaging speaker and one of those who brought lean into software development
  • Jurgen Appelo, my fellow blogger who I will be competing with for an audience as our presentations are held at the same time (damn!)

I can also recommend my fellow countrymen who I’ve already seen in action:

  • Paul Klipp, talking about business side of agile (Does native American count as a Pole? Oh well…)

You may find the full roster here.

However if you asked me why should you attend AgileEE I would point neither of these fine, fine speakers. The best thing about the conference will be networking. Plenty of chances to meet interesting people. People you know from the internet will be at hand open for discussion. People you don’t know at all will come out with great ideas. After a couple of days of conference you should come back refreshed with all the ideas you’ve heard and all the discussions you’ve participated. And that is exactly why you should love the event, even if speaker list doesn’t make you thrilled.

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