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Pawel Brodzinski on Software Project Management

Top 5 Excuses to Stop Learning


It is said people don’t want to learn. Even more, they say we’re lazy. But that’s not without a reason. Actually there are lots of bad, bad things undermining our good intentions.

  1. There is too much work.You are buried under loads of work. New tasks come at much faster rate than you deal with the old ones. You can hardly deal with top priority stuff, let alone less important things. Learning is simply not an option. Sharpening a saw is a myth. If you stop even for a short moment the world will collapse.
  2. There is too little work. Actually you learn when you practice something. Theory without experience means nothing. So no, you can’t really learn unless you have enough real work to do. Otherwise it will be futile effort so it’s not even a good idea to waste your time on it. You better moan to everyone around how crappy your situation is. Maybe something would eventually change. Who knows?
  3. Superiors enforce your learning path. Guys up there from senior management set stupid policies which certificates you have to get in order to get to the next level. So you pass these exams instead of learning something valuable. It is pretty much a waste of your precious time, but that’s how they set the whole thing up.
  4. There is no support from superiors in your learning effort. You want to learn. You really, really want. You’d love to pass this exam and get that certificate. And those two conferences would be great too. However, somehow your superiors don’t feel that at all. They keep telling you it is too expensive, irrelevant or they just ignore your requests. Man, these superiors, they really suck.
  5. There is no incentive to learn. Yes, learning is fun, but fun is not something you look for at workplace. You are there since they pay you, right? If they had paid you more for learning you would have learned. Unfortunately there are no incentives. Oh well, there are things which are incentivized better and these is what you’re going to focus on.

And you know what? After all this all learning is overrated anyway, isn’t it?

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