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Office Politics


Dear Office Politics,

You’re here to stay. I know. This isn’t 20-person company so you aren’t going anywhere, I’m perfectly aware of that. This means we are going to work hand to hand, you and me, together.

I can’t say I’m happy. Remember? We met before in the other company, but I decided to part our ways. After all it’s never you who’s going away. It’s always others. And then we’ve been seeing each other on occasions but you’ve never kicked in hard way. Yet it’s been enough to remember I didn’t really like you. So no, I’m not happy to see you again.

You happen to like some people and dislike other. Strangely enough I’m always in the latter group. Well, not so strangely maybe, after all you don’t value honest and straightforward attitude and this is how I tried to act over years. But, you know, I can adjust myself. That’s human nature after all – we can live in both equatorial and polar climate, we can work in healthy or very unhealthy environments. With you, Office Politics, it is no different. For me it’s the matter of motivation: I’m either motivated to accept that you’re at some place, and then stay, or not, and then go.

These are your rules: everyone around has to play by them or leave.

You know what is funny? You’re not like a part of furniture or something. It’s not like someone bought you and you can be thrown out if they don’t like you anymore. You never pop up uninvited by some people up there, being pretty high in pecking order. And yet is takes just a few dozen people in organization and you always make your way there somehow. Once you’re a part of the organization you just can’t be thrown out. You are there for good.

It looks like we have to rebuild our relationship. It would be like love-hate relationship. Sort of. Well, without “love” part. But then I don’t have to love you. It’s enough if I tolerate you. All it takes to master your rules is playing by them long enough and that’s exactly what’s going to happen. No one is forced to love this game.

After all you, dear Office Politics, are just this: a game. A very demanding and not very pleasant game, which is won on long distances.

By the way: I always performed crappy in sprints. But that doesn’t really matter here, right?

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