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Pawel Brodzinski on Software Project Management

The Best Management Style For You


I was asked an interesting question recently:

What management style should I choose?

A question well asked. Congratulations. If you are aware you can choose different paths do define yourself as a manager that’s something. If you think which one would be the best it’s even better.

But my answer to this question won’t be as simple as you expected.

Choose the style which you feel natural with. Don’t try to be someone else than you are.

For example I’m a person who always chooses very informal way of managing people. I try to build good interpersonal relations, trust and add a sense of humor to the mix. I try to be more of a friend than a sergeant. It has some consequences though. When I come to the point where I need to be a bad sergeant (and it’s inevitable in the long run) it’s a very difficult role for me. Yet I know it is a part of my job and I have to wear this hat from time to time.

It is true for every style you choose. You will always face the situation where your usual attitude doesn’t work and you have to apply a different stance. So the question is: would you prefer to be yourself most of the time and play the difficult role only sporadically or the other way around?

If you choose the former don’t ask me what management style is the best for you because you already know the answer. By your heart.

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