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ACE Conference 2011

ACE Conference

I’m not a conference animal. I don’t earn for living as consultant/trainer/coach/industry guru so I don’t treat conferences as must-be-there kind of events. However if I had to point a single event I attended last year, which I’d love to attend this year it would be ACE Conference (former Agile Central Europe). This is surprising since it was the very first edition of the conference.

Disclaimer: I’m a part of program committee for ACE Conference 2011 so please formally consider me biased but after all you don’t join program committee for an event you don’t like, do you?

If you need a recommendation you may read my opinion written just after the event. But if you asked me today why I liked it most among last year’s events I attended I would probably give you different reasons. I really liked the fact the event wasn’t crowded as it reduces distance between presenters and the audience, especially on open spaces and coffee breaks. Another thing is professional organization which is usually commented only when it’s absent. When everything goes right it seems effortless – you learn to appreciate it after attending conferences where nothing goes as planned.

If you’re keen on software craftsmanship, best engineering practices aren’t just an empty cliché for you and you care about some great discussions ACE Conference is a place for you. Early bird registration is already open. And if you have doubts about the program, trust me, it will be promising. I wouldn’t sign up for the program committee if it wasn’t.

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