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Why I Genuinely Want To Work With You


Recently I wrote about virtue which makes team member ideal. But of course willingness to help and/or accountability (depending on how you want to call it) isn’t enough to make me begging you to join my team. Unfortunately we enter the ground of specific people characters so treat this post as a bit of private interest, adjusted to character of your humble author.

10 reasons why I genuinely (and I mean genuinely) want to work with you in a team.

1. I can count on you

Well, I’ve just written about it. Should I repeat?

2. I can trust you

Um, wrote about this as well. If we can’t build trust relationship it just won’t work. You’ll be playing your cards against me and, unless I can change your attitude, I’ll end up doing the same. And you know what? Working in a team isn’t like poker game. It’s not either you or me kind of thing. We can both win. That’s why we call it a team.

3. You’re honest and straightforward with me

It’s kind of related to the previous one. If you want to get something from me just state it openly. I use to say that you can’t lose being honest with me. Basing on what I typically see this attitude isn’t very common and your doubts might be well-grounded. But it seems I’m not like a typical corporate management beast you see here and there. I prefer to be open and straightforward as it pays off in the long run. Besides, beating about the bush is such a waste of time.

4. You respect our arrangements

I make it a goal for me to keep our arrangements. If I break a deal I trash trust we managed to build over time. Yes, I’m far from ideal here. Sometimes I forget about different things. I promised to pass the ball but I dropped it. But then, I respect our arrangements. Just come to kick me in the butt to remind me I was meant to do something which I forgot and I’ll get back to the right track. I respect our arrangements and I keep my word. And so I expect from you.

5. You tell me when I screw things up

As I’m talking with people I keep hearing this one: we need feedback, we want to know what we do right and what we do wrong. You know what? I’m no different. I want to hear your feedback. Especially when the feedback is critical. So please take a second to share your critical thoughts with me. No, not because it would make me happier. Do it because this way you give me a chance to become better. Better team member, better manager, better partner in our relationship. Do it for you, not for me, but do it.

6. You look for solutions

I hate the blame game. I hate dodging. I don’t do it. I want to take bullets on the chest. If you have a hot potato and you want to use me to pass it you’ve come to the wrong address. But if you need help with looking for a solution you know where to find me. And you know what? I expect pretty much the same from you. When I come to you with a problem I expect you to go through every crazy thought you might have, including calling your mother-in-law to ask for advice, before you tell me you have no idea how you could possibly help me.

7. You learn

You learn. I don’t care if the urge to learn is something which defines you as professional or just one of your soft skills, but I care that you do learn. You don’t sit in one place and try to be better than you are. This makes you a part of one tenth of population. This makes you someone I want to work with.

8. You do your best

If you are in the industry for some time already I don’t believe you never were in an emergency situation. The situation when the sky is falling. The situation when no one has time to babysit others or constantly keep them aware how huge is shit which we’ve just landed in. In those times I expect to see the best of the best of you. And I don’t say everyone has to roll their sleeves and work evenings and weekends to show their commitment. Just do your best, however you define “my best.” Don’t calculate; just help us to make it happen (whatever “it” is).

9. You’re competent

Have you realized I didn’t say a word about competence so far? Well, I expect you to be competent as well. Competent. You don’t have to be a shooting star. You don’t have to be technical guru or management hero or The Most Skilled Person of the Year. It’s enough you’re competent in what you’re doing and you learn (but we’ve already covered this one above).

10. You have sense of humor

Last but not least. This is a cherry on the cake, but well, we don’t put those cherries on the cake without reason, do we? I’m not a totally serious person – I probably cross the line with the jokes more often than I’d like to, but then we come back to “tell me when I screw” point. Sense of humor always helped me to build relations and to find some cheer even when we were doomed. Unless you offend someone you just can’t go wrong with sense of humor.

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  • Vicky Stamatopoulou February 16, 2011, 3:14 am

    so you are looking for the best team professionals, no more and no less. Professional which are not only concentrated in being competent or learning more for their sake but also in balance themselves and other team members and strive for the success of the whole team.

    that’s cool :) I sure hope you have lots of those guys in your team :)

  • Bartek April 7, 2011, 1:36 pm

    I just found your best blog entry :) I feel 100% the same.

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