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It’s Always Bad Time to Sharpen the Saw


Sharpening the saw concept isn’t new. Actually I even used it as Christmas wish a few years ago. So well, we all should know we need to stop from time to time and improve our tools a bit.

Yet we forget about it over and over again.

The other day I was talking with my friend about some dilemma which could be reduced to a question: should he cut yet another tree or it’s time to stop and sharpen the saw?

If you state the question like that it’s never someone else who answers it – it’s always you. I don’t know whether it’s time to sharpen your saw. I don’t use it. You do. So you should know the answer.

However it’s always bad time to sharpen the saw.

There’s always something: critical task, deadline or just huge workload. There’s always someone: client, manager or colleague from the other team. There’s always another tree. There’s always a reason not to sharpen the saw.

Anyway if you’re going to cut those trees like crazy you have to find time to make your saw sharp. Don’t skip this part and don’t wait for a good moment. It just isn’t coming.

By the way: when we’re on sharpening the saw I hope to see you on ACE Conference where I’m going to sharpen mine. If you see me there, please stop to say hi.

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