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Implementing Kanban (For Free)


One of questions I get after my Kanban sessions on different conferences is about the best way one can choose to implement Kanban. Now, of course there isn’t the single, best way to do that however I see a pattern which might by pretty useful and, at the same time, pretty cost-efficient.

First, if I, or anyone else for that matter, have convinced you it’s a good idea to give Kanban a try start with filling the gaps in your knowledge. Actually 30- or 45-minute long presentation is hardly sufficient so get your knowledge updated and organized better. Buy, borrow or steal Henrik Kniberg’s and Mattias Skarin’s Kanban and Scrum: Making the Most of Both minibook. Actually you may choose an easier path and just download pdf for free.

If you asked about the best free written piece on Kanban it would be the answer. If you need more David Anderson’s book is definitely worth recommendation, you won’t get with it totally for free I’m afraid.

Then, if you feel comfortable enough, well, just make your board and start. That’s what I did with my first Kanban team. But OK, I know my urge to experiment made it all easier and there are different teams out there. I do understand you might have some questions and you’d appreciate some answers and clarifications.

In this case – just ask. One idea is to ask them at Project Management Stack Exchange so it’s not only you who’d eventually use the answer. I kind of guarantee you that the question will be answered, and if it’s about Kanban chances are good one of answers will be mine. A good news: it’s free, exactly like Henrik’s and Mattias’ book. You don’t even have to buy me a beer, although it would definitely be very nice of you.

Although I don’t consider Kanban to be complicated (is there anyone who does?) I understand in some situations it can be insufficient. Well, in this case feel free to contact me. Depending on what kind of issues you might have, let it be very specific questions with some details you don’t want to reveal in public or maybe a need for training or coaching I’ll try to help you, this way or another. And well, asking is free and so are the answers as I’m yet to meet the first person willing to pay me for answering their emails. Training might not be free but then, you haven’t expected that anyway, have you?

That should be it. I can hardly think about any team which would need anything more than reading some basics, than getting clarifications and finally getting some training and coaching to sustain changes (the latter one only if needed). That sounds easy and, believe me, it’s not only the sound – it actually is pretty easy.

So why won’t you give it a try?

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