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AgileByExample 2011

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As I started working on my session for AgileByExample 2011 conference I realized I haven’t announced it on the blog yet. Well, it’s high time to fix it. AgileByExample, or #abe2011, is a younger sister of ACE Conference, which I’ve mentioned here a number of times. It doesn’t mean it is organized by the same person but I would say both events share the same spirit. What more, they are conveniently timed: one on the early spring and the other on the late summer.

Since this is the first edition of the event I should keep my enthusiasm at bay. The “problem” is I know folks standing behind it and expect nothing but high-quality conference. In terms of speakers let me just say this is majority of first-league Polish agile/lean speakers supported by a bunch of foreigners you should be familiar with. And if it isn’t enough AgileByExample will use the same format which worked stunningly well for ACE Conference: 30-minute long sessions which force speakers to focus on their points and a single track which pushes the audience out of their comfort zones.

I expect the event to be rather local one addressed mainly to Poles, although if you don’t live on the other side of Europe you should consider attending it. If you live in Poland and if agile world isn’t a total alien for you it should be a part obligatory program for you along with ACE Conference. Choosing one them is the least you should do.

As the name suggests we are meant to focus on practical appliances of agile methods so expect the sessions to be down-to-earth. If you ask me it is a great idea – if I have a choice I will choose experience-based session over the general/concept one 4 times out of every 5.

If for nothing else consider attending #abe2011 for networking. After all it is the most valuable part of conferences and let me assure you that you’re going to meet a lot of great people there.

So see you in Warsaw and catch me during breaks or at the party for a chat.

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