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Lean Kanban Central Europe 2011 – The Best Kanban Conference Around

Lean Kanban Central Europe 2011 – The Best Kanban Conference Around post image

When I think about different events I attend I tend to value them for different reasons. Let’s take this year. I will definitely put ACE Conference very high because of its ideal size (less than 200 people) in terms of networking. This is kind of ideal size of the crowd to have lots of different opinions and ideas but still everyone around is pretty accessible so it’s very easy to approach thought-leaders of your choice. Then, there was Kanban Leadership Retreat which was basically mind-blowing. For me it is probably a top event ever in terms of knowledge I brought from it. And finally, we come to the best big event of the year. You know the one where there are a few tracks, plenty of speakers and huge crowd.

I’m still waiting for my best big event of the year, but I won’t wait very long. Why? Because I know which event will earn this prize – Lean Kanban Central Europe 2011.

Why am I so sure? There are at least a few reasons. I know organizers so I’m pretty sure it will go very smoothly. Then there is the program. I’ve already seen many of speakers in action and had a chance to talk with even more of them so I know that in terms of content quality lkce11 will beat the crap out of any general agile event out there. If you’re tired of listening the same basic content over and over again and are in need of fresh food for thought don’t hesitate – the event is for you. Finally, there are speakers – best brains from Lean and Kanban world gathered in one place, available to be approached. If you look for a better chance to catch David Anderson, Kent Beck, John Seddon or Stephen Bungay for a chat you can hardly find a better occasion. Not to mention a crowd of Kanban thought-leaders from all over Europe and America.

If you are afraid that the conference content is too advanced for you, fear not. The first day starts with Kanban Primer session, which by the way is totally awesome, and there is whole track of industry reports which present Kanban from a perspective of practical applications. There’s no way you’d be lost.

So yes, I’m looking forward to be in Munich to meet these people and exchange experience with them. I’m waiting to hear what they have to share with the audience. And I’m thrilled to be one of the speakers as well. It is a nice fuzzy feeling to be a part of such a great pack.

I hope to see you at lkce11 too. If you plan to be in Munich catch me there – I’ll gladly have a beer and a chat with you.

I also have great news for Poles reading the blog. Polish readers of Software Project Management can count on 20% discount off the conference prices. This discount is cumulative with other discounts as well, so if you’re quick you can catch early bird discount too! If you want to exploit this promotion (which I strongly advise by the way) please contact me via email.

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