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AgileDevPractices and Kanban Training

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One of incoming events I’m going to speak at is AgileDevPractices in Potsdam/Berlin where, besides all the great stuff you can find in the program, there is my keynote on efficiency, busyness and (obviously) WIP limits.

I would, however, recommend you my full-day Kanban workshop that is happening on tutorial day (Mar 4). It’s not going to be simply Kanban basics workshop. We will go through Kanban foundations, so no specific knowledge is required to get much value out of the workshop. However, I will specifically focus on one effect of Kanban implementation, which is catalyzing evolutionary and sustainable change.

Kanban is sometimes treated as pretty simple and rather mechanistic approach to organize work. Shallow Kanban implementations are like that. But the real magic starts when you go deeper and use Kanban as a vehicle that drives continuous improvement in an organization. During the workshop I want to show you why and how it works and potentially get you interested in learning more and/or adopting the method.

As I come from practitioners’ side of the fence I’m living with my teams for years so I can see how they are evolving in the long run. And this is exactly the experience I’m going to share.

If you look for recommendation for the quality of the content (and the trainer) I guess you should trust David Anderson, the father of Kanban method. He says that you should look for trainers who have attended either his masterclass or train the trainer course. Well, bad news is I attended neither…

Fortunately, David also points a few exceptions, including one that might be of your particular interest:

David Anderson's endorsement

It seems that you shouldn’t be afraid. You should also expect a lot of fun and just a bit of physical exercise to spice things up. I hope to see you at Agile Dev Practices.

Oh, and by the way, I have a 15% discount code which stacks up with early bird discount. Please contact me to get it.

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