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Pawel Brodzinski on Software Project Management

Advertising, Reviews and Other Stuff

If you want to ask me about advertising or publishing stuff on Software Project Management it is highly likely that you can find an answer for your question below.

Q: What are the options to advertise on the blog?
A: Currently I don’t offer any options for advertising. Sorry.

Q: But I can see ads on the sidebar.
A: These aren’t ads per se.  These are more friends of the blog that supported it when it needed the support.

Q: Can I purchase text link within a post?
A: No. Transparency and honesty is super important for me so every ad on the blog will be properly marked. There’s no chance that I publish hidden advertisement.

Q: I have this great and popular site. Maybe we can exchange links?
A: I would be flattered if you linked to my site and please do it if you feel it is a valuable source. If I stumble upon valuable content on your site I will gladly link to it not asking for anything in exchange. However, I won’t just do simple link exchange.

Q: Can I publish sponsored article on your blog? I will pay.
A: No hidden marketing messages, sorry. The blog has personal flavor and I prefer it to stay this way.

Q: A guest post, maybe? Everyone needs quality content, right?
A: Thank you for your kind offer, but I want to keep the blog personal so I don’t publish any guest postings. It is highly unlikely that I’ll just publish any post, article or infographic that I receive.

Q: Would you review my awesome product?
A: I don’t write reviews for a longer time already and I like it this way, so thank you for your kind offer but I’ll pass.

Q: Maybe an affiliate program then?
A: I tried a few and I neither have good experience nor will to try again.

Q: No, no and no. Are you even useful?
A: The blog isn’t supposed to pay my rent so I’m happy with the way it is. I hope you respect this.