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The Project Portfolio Kanban Story

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The Kanban Story was the idea which came to my mind soon after we I started playing with Kanban with my team back then in early 2009. I thought that sort of live journal of our Kanban adventure can be an interesting thing to read. I knew that we probably got some things wrong initially but after all Kanban encourages you to have experimentation mindset and also I’m a strong believer that failure is actually a good thing.

By the way: now that I read my story, sometimes I deeply disagree with the way we approached Kanban, yet still it was a valuable experience and hell of a lesson.

The Kanban Story ended up as the most popular series of posts on this blog of all time and a few chapters are also high on the top 20 list. Sort of success I’d say. So when I started playing with portfolio level Kanban I decided to go the same way. I let myself a few months of experience just to have some content for the beginning and here it is: the very first post of The Project Portfolio Kanban Story.

It will follow similar pattern as The Kanban Story which means I won’t try to address all the problems of the world but will rather focus on the specific situation and explain what we did and why. Expect much of the context and much of experimenting to find the right solution. Expect wrong decisions and changes. It’s going to be some sort of experience report. In chapters. I hope you will enjoy it as much as its predecessor.

Here’s the list of all posts of The Project Portfolio Kanban Story:

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